I once was an individual living in a world totally unknown to me, until I came to experience the death of my good friends’ son: Trooper Jack Bouthillier, a Canadian Soldier, fallen in combat in Afghanistan in March 2009. Jack - also known as «Bouts» - was born in Hearst (Ontario), the very town I grew up in. Over time, this heart-rending experience prompted me to focus my energy, time and efforts toward supporting the communities and agencies that support our Canadian Soldiers.

Following Jack’s death, I became acquainted with several Silver Cross families, Canadian Military members, both active and retired, and their family members. From   these encounters, arose my drive to raise awareness in support of our Soldiers. I am a firm believer of «finding a need and filling it»; hence I felt the need to provide comfort, care and compassion to all those I met and continue to meet along my journey.  

In June 2011, I created the facebook group «WE REMEMBER THEM». My ongoing pursuit is to continue posting pictures of our Canadian Fallen Soldiers on the anniversary date of their death (as a result from having served in Afghanistan). My promise to these families is to ensure that we will always remember our Fallen Soldiers. (As of May 2014, only pictures that I get authorization from the family are post in that group)

On my  facebook page (Lise A Charron), I have noticed an increasing interest from people regarding information I post about our Canadian Military. The information posted is different from what we usually hear through the media. My intention is to provide information on topics related to day-to-day life, thereby affecting humanity.

Since the onset of my dream come true, I am proud to have accomplished the following:

  • Founder of the RIDE IN RED , (was hosted 2010 to 2013)
  • The promotion of «wearing red» as an expression of support to Soldiers
  • April 8 2011, I initiated the gathering of people on overpasses in Quebec City for the funeral of Corporal Yannick Scherrer
  • In March 2012, I coordinated the unveiling ceremony of the «Bouts truck» (a transport truck dedicated to Trooper Jack Bouthillier and all his comrades)
  • In June 2012 in Campbell’s Bay (Québec), I coordinated the unveiling of the monument dedicated to our Canadian Fallen Soldiers who served in Afghanistan
  • I founded the non-profit organization HONOUR OUR CANADIAN SOLDIERS
  • I founded the S.O.S. Project for Soldiers Of Suicide
  • I designed all the websites pages available here